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>Vermerk verstecken< Hello to all of you!
Well, there is currently a debate on the introduction of compulsory vaccination.
I generally see vaccination rather critically. Well, I would not say in general terms that all vaccinations have a negative impact on your health, but I do not support the fact that it is necessary to introduce compulsory vaccination.
Coincidentally, I discovered a magazine in a pharmacy, where it comes to vaccination. And here are two examples. Portugal and Hungary. In Hungary vaccination is mandatory. So the parents do not come around. Children are simply vaccinated without their parents being able to do anything about it.
In Hungary it is so far that the children can be deprived of their parents. It is very interesting, where Hungary should be the promised land for system critics and the Rights.
So I would not have expected that Hungary is so totalitarian.
And I want to show you some examples of mothers who comment on this topic.
"After giving birth we set up a Facebook group for mothers from the hospital, and when the first mother started homeopathy to replace the vaccine, I immediately quit the group, it's just very irresponsible for himself and his children.
What about those who can not be vaccinated and who would then be endangered? I have absolutely no understanding for that, so I think that the vaccination is completely right, because I do not know if we to have this security if we had a free choice.
Whether it really needs all these vaccinations is another matter. But if I have any questions, then I can also turn to the pediatrician, who eventually has to know everything. "

Oh, that you do not deceive yourself, my dear!

Another lady:
"I think it's good that there is a compulsory vaccination, but it can not really be the question of whether there is a duty or not. The thing is that there is even the possibility that you can get vaccinated. And finally, vaccination can still have the advantage that I do not have to worry about what I should vaccinate my children and against what not.
I am glad that this responsibility is taken from me. After all, I'm not a doctor and can not judge at all. "

Yes, completely right! You can not judge, but the doctors can not do that too. There are no long-term studies.
So, all of this is pretty dodgy and everyone should think about why the state wants to introduce a vaccine compulsion, even though there are no studies on it at all, that vaccination is really necessary and that vaccination would not be to the detriment of a human being.
There are cases where people have died after a vaccination in no time and it should be thought about before you want to introduce a compulsory vaccination.
I would be glad if you would comment on this topic.

I wish you all a nice day!

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