Die Gro├če - Katharina Echtheitssiegel

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>Vermerk verstecken< Hello to all of you!
Yes, meanwhile, everyone should have understood that we live in difficult times and it does not help anything to appeal to the government and weep, and desperately seek answers, why, why, why. Because it is clearly obvious. Since 2015, we have seen an enormous increase in crime, rape, homicidal killings by non-Germans, so they were not racists and Nazis.
What can you do? So except that you should arm yourself to the teeth, I can not think of anything. Well, network, take care of each other, maybe not recklessly risk yourself for example traveling by train, I would not recommend now, or, I don't know, looking anyone in the eyes for too long ... It could be anything that could provoke the "traumatized victim". I think I've already said too much, spread too much hate and hounding .
That's why I stop here and wish you all a nice day.

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