Ein Hoch auf Sachsen!

Ein Hoch auf Sachsen!

Die GroĂźe - Katharina Echtheitssiegel

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>Vermerk verstecken< Hello, greetings from Saxony!
I am here for a few days to vacation, to recover from all the stress in Frankfurt.
I have to say that I mostly see Germans here. Foreigners can be counted on one hand, and even those look pretty harmless. A few Asians, but most are Germans.
So when I arrived here in Dresden, I got a real culture shock. A positive culture shock. I have never seen so many Germans. No wonder a certain Stasi agent has said that she sees this as a great defeat, that the East is still white.
That's why, dear compatriots, dear comrades, patriots / nationalists, anyone who feels addressed anywhere, comes to Saxony. Take a vacation here, or settle here, buy land, raise your children here, ...
And in West Germany, I see no future, no future for Germans.
It is only a matter of time before the mood tilts.
We're all fine, but I see black. And all the do-gooders and left-wingers will fly on their faces when it concerns their families, when they have to deal with bigger problems, for example to which school they send their children. No election village school, no private school. If all of this is no longer the case, then I'm curious if they will promote the same for multiculturalism and immigration as before. So I dare to doubt that.
Alright, I'll keep it going. I wish you all a good day.

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