Leash of Horror 2.0 Berlin 19.1.2019 English subtitles

Leash of Horror 2.0 Berlin 19.1.2019 English subtitles

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19.1.2019 VORM KANZERLAMT IN BERLIN Robert, Ernst Cran, Nicole Jil Gilbert, Nikolai Nerling Volkslehrer UND VIELE WEITERE. This event was supported by several
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Wiesbaden - For the first time after countless Hetzartikeln, insults and slander, the mainstream press has persuaded to speak neutrally and factually about the vigil for the murdered Susanna Feldmann with the leash of horror 2.0. At the trial opening yesterday in Wiesbaden she is even considered by the Bildzeitung with a photo, provided with the further message that a left demonstrator including cardboard sign with the words "No hate against refugees" is led away by police. At the same time was made by a counter-demonstrator an ad against the speaker of the line of horror 2.0 because of "sedition".

"The police behaved in an exemplary manner towards us", Robert reports from the Leine des Grauens 2.0 and also points to the great media interest. "The Bildzeitung has taken a nice picture of the leash with Susanna. Afterwards, I interviewed WELT and SAT1 and a French channel. "At first, the mood was somewhat reserved and characterized by mutual distrust. Then Robert told a reporter, "Do you really think we are Nazis? We're standing here as a picket to remember the murder of a Jewish girl! "That broke the ice. Behaviorer reported the Frankfurt new press about the action in front of the Wiesbadener district court in Mainzer Straße, announce the presence of the vigil already in the headline. Directly above the headline that Ali Bashar has confessed to the crime. The FNP literally: "Even before the trial begins, the first protesters arrive in front of the courthouse. They emerge as announced to a "picket". Individual demonstrators are led away by the police, reports bild.de. ".

The Wiesbaden local news platform merkurist, which in the past often swung the Nazi school, reports fairly and objectively. Under the headline "Susanna case: Great media interest and demos at the trial prelude" the merkurist reports below: "At the same time the group called" Hand in Hand - Against the Violence on our Streets "from Wiesbaden called for a vigil outside the courthouse. Also included was the so-called "Leine des Grauens 2.0.". It was a sort of clothesline where demonstrators put up banners with messages and printed media reports. About 30 participants appeared at the rally, there were about five counter-demonstrators, and there were no arguments. "The article is overseas with a picture of the speaker Yvonne, who later also gave SAT 1 an interview.

Apparently, the great international media interest - over 44 journalists - also limits the Antifa mouthpiece FR. The Nazi school remained in the bag, too. Biting his tongue, the paper wrote: "Around a dozen people gathered in front of the building for a vigil". That it was at least three times as many, you could see on the livestream of Henryk Stöckl. Also the Merkurist could count to 30.

The large FAZ also could not fail to mention the vigil. She shows in her online edition a dpa image with the more than 250-meter long line of horror 2.0.





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