Warum ist die Pille abzulehnen?

Warum ist die Pille abzulehnen?

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>Vermerk Verstecken< Hello to all of you!

My new topic is:
Why is the pill to be rejected?
With the first menstrual period, and this is mostly in girls between 12 and 14 years, the girls often go to the gynecologist with their mother and have the pill prescribed. A drug that significantly affects the hormonal balance of a child, a future woman. The risks of the pill seem to be completely irrelevant here. The main thing is that the child has "protected" sexual intercourse. Great upbringing and morally mindless.

So when I was 12 I played with dolls.

Here one has the feeling that the parents, society and the state are not quick enough to screw up and spoil the child.
Health, morals, values, who needs that? After all, you have to have fun in life. ūü§°
The pill not only affects mentally, but also physically. It is a poison that has been ingested for years that prevents a new life from being created. But of course, no women and human rights activists worry about this, because they stand for the death and destruction of life.
For example, the majority of the Jusos ( Young Socialists in the SPD) voted that one may abort until the 9th month, on the grounds that a woman's body has priority and top priority. So a woman who carried her child under her heart until the 9th month should be able to get rid of it by law as if it were a gallstone.
Where is the outcry from all the hypocrites and liars who stand up for human rights? Nothing! And this is no coincidence, because this process, which takes place here in Germany and Europe and other white countries, has a system. A systematic annihilation of the European peoples. Genocide at all levels. Not through shooting, but through self-loathing, which leads to the complete dissolution of the self-preservation drive and the killing of one's own offspring. This is unique in human history. So far, there has been no advocacy of extermination. The steady decimation and extermination of Europeans is then cynically justified with insufficient interest in child wars. What a mockery!

I say stop it! Germans, Europeans, all white people in the world, put an end to this madness and finally have children!

Thank you very much!





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