Nicht rechts, nicht links, sondern völkisch!

Nicht rechts, nicht links, sondern völkisch!

Die Große - Katharina Echtheitssiegel

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>Vermerk verstecken< My people, to whom I belong and whom I love, is the German people, and my nation, which I admire with great pride, is the German nation, a knightly, proud, and hard nation ..."

I have specifically chosen this quote to show how people have thought or acted earlier or what was important to them. And this quote does not come from Adolf Hitler, but from Ernst Thälmann, a Communist.
Nowadays it is unrealistic to imagine that a left or a green politician would say that he is proud to be German or that he is proud of his nation. That would probably not be good at all. Neither with his party mates, nor with his constituents.
I just want us to abandon this way of thinking on one side, getting "left" or "right". In my opinion, there should be "pro-German" and "anti-German". There is no such thing as an intermediate thing. You can not be half pregnant. That's just dishonest, a nonsense.
I hope I did not scare anyone with my quote. Not that one or the other thinks that I am now a communist, but I find it interesting to see that even communists were such nationalists, or were völkisch.
That was it.
I wish you all a nice day.

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