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>Vermerk verstecken< Hello to all of you!
Today I have a very exciting topic, which concerns us all, namely democracy.
I have written something down to me and I read that to you now.
By definition, democracy means the rule of the people. The point is that the people themselves, each one living in one country, can decide what happens in that country.
In Germany, you have to be at least 18 years old and have the German passport to vote in a general election. The people choose their representatives whom they trust. And the representatives decide what to decide. So instead of deciding, you leave the decision to someone else. This is called representative democracy.
In Switzerland, there is the so-called direct democracy, in which every citizen may vote on a specific topic. In such votes and elections there is the majority principle. This ensures that the will of the majority in the people actually happens. Needless to say, not all are satisfied with the result. But that's democracy.
So, after roughly summarizing what we mean by democracy, I come to my request.

The biggest problem, what I see, is the inviolability of this so-called "best" form of government. Democracy is considered by most in our country as the "nonplusultra".
Why? Is not that the question that should be questioned in a democracy? In view of the fact that millions of migrants from non-European countries (from the Orient and Africa) are being pumped to Germany, the House of Cards of Democracy collapsed at the latest.
Demographics of the autochthonous Germans, mass immigration of strangers to millions, which multiply rapidly, the fact that Germany is still an occupied country and is seen by most nations as hostile, the German people has basically since 1945 nothing to decide and also to demand nothing, in view of these facts one should be allowed to question democracy.
Unfortunately, many are unaware because they have been deceived, blinded, lied to, indoctrinated and seduced. And the seduction is democracy.
Now we have lived relatively well in our democracy. Yes that is true. And so good that we have forgotten the essentials. Namely to use our common sense. We are lazy, overgrown and decadent. And so we are, it is an easy game to miss the death blow.
There are no conspiracy theories, there are only premonitions, providences, signs, and clues, and these come true step by step.
So if a people is allowed to decide its fate, for the sake of democratic votes, what will this people do when it is gradually replaced by another or other peoples?
I come to my conclusion.
Democracy is anti-ethnic and inevitably means the destruction of the people.

So, you can comment now and I wish you all a nice evening.

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