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>Vermerk verstecken< Hello to all of you!
Today I would like to talk about one word, which often goes through my head, namely the word "xenophobic".
I do not understand why one should not be hostile to strangers. It's a stranger, so first of all nobody I know, nobody I trust, it's nobody who's mine, I'm familiar with it. So a stranger. We have crazy times where everything is upside down.
I just want to appeal to the people out there (who blame me for such things) that they think a bit about what that means. How crazy that sounds, "xenophobia". To whom shall I be hostile, if not to strangers? If I were nice to everyone, if everyone were my friend, then the word "friend" would dissolve. It would be nothing special because you are friendly and open to everyone.
So no one is the enemy, no stranger is an enemy, and all are friends, and everyone loves each other? Do you understand what I mean by that? It is completely crazy. It's just ridiculous to blame someone for something like "xenophobia." Because being hostile to strangers is in itself nothing unnatural. I do not know how you grew up like that. In fairy tales children are warned not to get involved with strangers or to trust strangers. In the end, the wolf not only eats the Little Red Riding Hood, but also her grandmother, because she was too trusting. The natural instinct to reject something strangers or to be hostile to it is undermined. As if that was not always the case.
So I do not know how people explain the world. Sometimes I feel like I'm surrounded by small, stupid children who do not understand perfectly rational, natural things that do not understand how the world works. And sometimes I do not believe that. I think people live somewhere in "Taka-Tuka" or somewhere else, but not in reality, not in the real world.
You are welcome to comment and comment.

Thank you so much!

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